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Tale Content Creators: your content agency in Stockholm

Welcome to Tale Content Creators, a content agency in Stockholm that can help you find and tell your story. 

A young and forward-thinking agency, Tale Content Creators is staffed by a number of former journalists. We are motivated by a desire to bring the power of journalistic storytelling to companies and brands. Working together, we can help you navigate the fast-moving digital media landscape.

At Tale, we develop our clients’ capacity to act like publishers by adopting a story-centric mindset in their approach to communications. We help clients identify, produce, and share stories that will help them reach their business goals.

Tale’s team of experienced Content Directors have the knowledge and skills to help guide our clients through every stage of communication, from strategy and production to distribution and evaluation.

Like a modern newsroom

Tale’s structure mirrors that of a modern newsroom. Our Content Directors serve as a close-knit team of senior editors tasked with guiding clients through the storytelling process. We are fast-moving and flexible, just like today’s media landscape. And thanks to our sister agencies and network of trusted freelancers, we can quickly assemble the right constellation of skills and talent to tackle any communications challenge.

Founded in 2017, Tale is a content agency in Stockholm and a member of the Diplomat Group of communications agencies. Our sister agencies include Diplomat Communications, which specializes in public affairs and corporate communications, and Strateg Agency, a leading creative agency specializing in branding, communication, and digital experiences.

How can Tale Content Creators help you?

We create content with a story-centric approach to engage your target audience in owned, paid, and earned channels. We conduct controlled content experiments, analyze the results, and then scale up what works best. As a content agency in Stockholm, Tale can help ensure your content works in Sweden, the Nordics, and beyond.

Working together with Tale we can help you:

Win more business

Create relevant content for every stage of the buyer’s journey. Convert prospects to customers and help build brand loyalty.

Attract top talent

Attract new employees and ensure they stay using powerful stories that demonstrate who you are and what you stand for.


Control the story

Traditional media no longer have a monopoly on telling the stories we use to navigate the world around us. Let Tale help you build your own newsroom, leverage your own channels, and tell your story.

What services does Tale offer?

Tale offers clients a broad range of services covering every stage of the communication process, from strategy and production to distribution and evaluation.

Below are a few examples:

Film & video

Film & video are great tools for building brand awareness and loyalty, illustrating complex ideas, or creating a sense of intimacy and authenticity. Increasingly, video works almost everywhere, in all digital channels, making it a great starting point for working efficiently across multiple channels or platforms. And film production doesn’t have to be cumbersome or expensive. Sure, we love big productions, but we get just as excited about keeping things simple.

Copywriting & newsletters 

Words are the foundation of great content. And whether you need help producing a blog, a printed magazine, or setting up an email newsletter, Tale can provide you with top-notch writing and editing to ensure your copy is persuasive, punchy, and SEO-friendly – in Swedish or English. And through our sister agency Strateg Agency, we have access to designers, web developers, and art directors who can help ensure those words are published in a smart, eye-catching environment, whether digital or in print.

Native advertising

Native advertising is an effective tool for reaching audiences with relevant and engaging content. By purchasing ad-branded editorial space on news sites, native advertising offers a large reach for creating awareness about your business or issue. With so many former journalists on staff, Tale is well-equipped to find the right angle and outlet to ensure your message gets seen.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is about having relevant content that answers your potential customers’ questions through the different phases of the buying journey. Thus, SEO is increasingly about creating relevant and credible content that helps answer people’s questions, rather than trying to manipulate Google’s algorithms. At Tale, we can help you better understand the search dynamics for your particular market. Then we help create relevant and high-quality content that has the best chance of ranking high among search results.


Podcasts are a smart way and efficient way for companies to reach their target audience, and the format is steadily gaining in popularity. A podcast provides a unique opportunity to have the full attention of your audience for several minutes. They are a great tool for building a thought leadership position or creating “tutorials” that help educate your audience. It’s also a great format for connecting with a mobile audience when they aren’t online. In addition, both technology and production are relatively simple. Tale employees have worked previously with Swedish Radio and Taxi Stockholm to develop and produce podcasts.

Media training

Earned media remains an important communications tool. But without proper preparation, hard-won media opportunities can sometimes do more harm than good. Tale’s staff have decades of experience asking the hard questions – experience they can use to make sure you have the right answers close at hand when the press comes knocking. Together with our sister agency Diplomat Communications, we can cover everything from crisis management to interview preparation as well as offer invaluable insights about media logic and how journalists think.

Internal communications

It’s easy to forget that communicating inside your organization is no less important than communicating externally. And while the exact messages may vary, it’s crucial that they are aligned and complementary. Employees who know why their organization behaves in a certain way are more likely to understand their role. And equipping employees with the right information makes it easier for them to act as ambassadors for the organization, internally and externally. Tale can help you engage your employees in the storytelling process as well as identify the best channels and formats to meet your internal communications needs.

Content-driven recruitment

Content-driven recruitment is about creating stories based on your employer brand in order to attract new employees. Winning the war for talent involves more than posting a job listing. You also need to tell candidates what you can offer them and what you stand for. What your values are. What sort of culture you’re trying to create. And above all about who the people are that serve as the foundation of your business. At Tale, we help you identify, package, and communicate the stories that build your employer brand and attract the right talent.

Social media

Social media platforms are an increasingly important part of the communication landscape. Having a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other platforms offers a range of content distribution and audience engagement opportunities to help your great content get the attention it deserves. Tale can help you pick when and where to publish with an actionable social media strategy. We can also provide hands-on social media management for both organic and paid social media posting to help you get the most for your advertising spend on any platform.

How do I contact Tale Content Creators?

Simply reach out David Landes, head of Tales English-language offering.

Email: david.landes@talecontent.se.

Mobile: +4673-741 02 46

You can also ask David about Tale’s introductory consultation offer. You set the agenda and we provide you with 45 minutes of our time, free of charge. You’ll walk away with actionable advice for your most pressing communications challenges and a better sense of what it’s like to work with us. Let Tale be your content agency in Stockholm.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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