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5 reasons to include employee stories in your employer branding

Looking for ways to strengthen your employer branding efforts? The answer may be closer than you think.

An increasing number of organisations are waking up to the importance of employer branding.

Sure, employers have always tried to communicate their brand values and organisational culture to potential and current employees. But the shifting dynamics of the post-pandemic labour market have made the need for strong employer branding communication more important than ever.

Reputation is now a decisive factor for nine out of ten workers’ career choices. People want to work for organisations they feel share their values. Jobseekers also have greater demands for flexibility and career development opportunities.

Authenticity and employer branding

This has forced employers to think again when it comes to developing and communicating their own stories in an increasingly complex and fluid job market.

It’s simply not enough to have a career page with copy that spells out what your organisation stands for, what are you trying to achieve, and what it’s like to be a part of that mission as an employee.

In a world so saturated with content, audiences are increasingly fickle about when they stop scrolling. They’re seeking content they can relate to; that speaks to them; that provides a unique perspective. They want their clicks to lead to truth. To transparency. To authenticity.

And when it comes to giving your employer brand authenticity, it’s hard to beat content built around the voices of the employees themselves.

The importance of employee storytelling

Employee storytelling allows you to show – rather than simply tell – how your organisation puts its values into practice. It humanises your employer brand, providing potential employees with a more detailed and authentic picture of “life on the inside”.

Allowing employees to serve as ambassadors for your organisation also demonstrates the value and trust you place in their contribution. This can help promote pride and engagement internally but also send signals to prospective employees about the sort of opportunities available to them.

Below are a few more specific examples of how employee storytelling can help strengthen your employer branding efforts:

1 – Conveying company values: Sharing employee stories allows you to showcase your organisation’s unique culture and values, helping to attract candidates who align with those values and are more likely to be a good fit.

2 – Providing insights into your work environment: By sharing employee experiences and testimonials, you can provide prospective employees a sense of what it’s like to work there and what they can expect day-to-day.

3 – Highlighting employee experiences: Employee stories can highlight the personal and professional growth opportunities available to them, which can be a decisive factor for candidates that put a value on their own growth and development.

4 – Demonstrating diversity and inclusion: Showcasing a diverse range of employee stories can make it easier for candidates with different skills and backgrounds to see that they are welcome to your organisation and that your commitment to diversity and inclusion amounts to more than words on a page.

5 – Building trust: By sharing authentic and transparent employee stories, your organisation can build trust with potential employees and strengthen its reputation as a place where employees can expect to have their voices heard.

Finding and telling employee stories

Fortunately, today’s digital communications landscape makes it even easier to get employees involved in your employer branding efforts. By transforming employees into correspondents, organisations can leverage employees’ own stories building a more comprehensive employer branding narrative.

Are you interested in learning more about how to bring employees into your employer branding? Contact Tale’s David Landes at david.landes@talecontent.se or +46-73-741-0246.

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