Building your brand on LinkedIn

9 Reasons for Nordic Leaders to Level up Their Personal Brands on LinkedIn in 2024

Think about LinkedIn. What comes to your mind? For us, it’s two things: creating value and building long-term relationships.LinkedIn is more than a place to connect. It’s a stage for establishing your powerful personal brand, which will attract the right talent, opportunities and fuel growth for your company. But first, you need to learn how to leverage it effectively and strategically. 

Here’s why you need to focus on your personal brand on LinkedIn in 2024

  1. People follow people. The LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes personal profiles. Personal profiles have much better reach. LinkedIn wants companies to pay for their growth.
  2. There is no getting without giving. Before you start on your LinkedIn journey, know that in order to grow and be successful on the platform you need to engage with your network consistently.
  3. Creative Freedom in Leadership: Your LinkedIn profile shapes the opportunities and connections you attract. A strong personal brand allows you to direct your career towards projects that aren’t just profitable but also meaningful.
  4. Recession-Proofing Your Company & Career: A solid personal brand is your career’s safety net. It opens doors to new collaborations and speaking gigs, ensuring you’re always in demand, regardless of the market.
  5. Content Strategy and Audience Engagement: LinkedIn is about more than just updates. It’s about crafting content that resonates, reflects your expertise, and invites meaningful interactions. This helps you understand and engage your audience better.
  6. Strengthening Client and Team Relationships: Your brand isn’t just a professional facade; it’s a story-sharing and trust-building platform. It enhances your relationships with clients and teams, building a supportive community around your vision.
  7. Showcasing Thought Leadership: Share your unique insights on LinkedIn. Regular contributions establish you as a thought leader, expanding your influence beyond your immediate circle.
  8. Navigating Digital and Social Media Trends: Your presence on LinkedIn reflects your adaptability and grasp of current trends. It’s crucial to stay ahead in the digital literacy race, showcasing an authentic approach to modern marketing and networking.
  9. Personal Growth and Enjoying the Process: Building your brand on LinkedIn should be enjoyable. It lets you explore and share different facets of your professional life. It’s not just about duty; it’s a chance to grow and inspire.

Here are some tips to help you get going: 

  • Learn more about social selling: Utilize your personal brand to sell organically. Help your clients by enhancing your brand, thus attracting more opportunities for them.
  • Find your rhythm and consistency: With only 1% of LinkedIn’s 260 million monthly users sharing posts, the platform offers an untapped marketing opportunity.
  • Meaningful Engagement: Posting is half the battle. Cultivate relationships through sincere engagement, not just generic comments.
  • Converting Leads into Clients: Focus on building relationships and delivering value. Regularly offer your expertise and value, and watch leads turn into clients.
  • Enjoy the Process: Have fun with it, and remember to show some personality and not take yourself all too seriously. Show your humanity and use it to build lasting business relationships.

LinkedIn is a creative and lead-generation tool. You can even find your new professional identity and voice through LinkedIn. 

Connect, influence, lead with purpose, and just watch how your business and life will flourish.

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