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English copy & editing

If you’re reading this, chances are you take your communications seriously. 

You understand the increasingly competitive war for talent is a cross-border battle; that your next big customer may be located half a world away; and that your ability to win both is dependent on how well you tell your story in English.

Don’t let one misplaced word or punctuation mistake render the remaining 99.9% of your otherwise brilliant content worthless to the international audience you’re trying to reach. 

Persuasive, punchy, and error-free

Whether you need web texts, powerful employee profiles, or an easy-to-understand employee handbook, Tale can provide you with crisp and concise native-level English-language copy. 

With Tale as your partner, you’ll have peace of mind knowing all your English-language communication will be persuasive, punchy, and error-free. 

It doesn’t matter if your copy is in Swedish, English, or Swenglish – we’ll make sure the final product would pass muster with editors at The Guardian or the New Yorker.

English writing and editing services

Tale can help with any and all of the following:

English copywriting

Let Tale’s team of native-English journalists and copywriters develop the first (and final) draft of your English-language feature article, film script, or sustainability report. Before we start, we’ll work closely with you to better understand your voice and key messages. From there, we’ll tailor our text for the specific target audience and channel. 

English editing and copyediting

Maybe you’ve already produced some English-language content but want to make sure it reaches the high standards expected by your employees or customers. Tale can help your good content become great content. We’ll review your structure and syntax, catch those typos, and rid your document of any remnants of Swenglish.

English translations

If you’ve got Swedish-language content that needs to be converted to English, Tale can make the process a simple one. We don’t simply translate, we also interpret, ensuring the final product in English accurately reflects the tone and linguistic nuance of the original Swedish.

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